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MaxFax is published four times a year as a service to our membership. It's a volunteer effort. We try to get each one out as close as possible to the issue date, but we are not fanatic about it. Dues are $25 US to cover printing and postage for the USA, Canada and Mexico. Overseas members pay $35 US to cover the additional postage costs. Note we had raise these dues this year.

If your membership expires, you will get a red X on the cover of your copy. The next issue gets a double red XX, After three issues (six months) you get a triple red XXX and you are then dropped for our roles. If you renew for one year after receiving the triple red XXX, payment will be applied for the next six months. Best to renew for two years if you procrastinate until you get a triple red XXX.

Maxfax Cover

MaxFax Content

Each issue contains 4 to 12 pages of plans, contest flyers, contest results, and building tips usually following theme. The issue shown here was devoted to Dave Rees and is a bit atypical.

Click here to download a Sample MaxFax   Warning it's 12 megs.

To join the club and begin receiving you copy of MAXFAX, send your check to:

Stew Meyers
8304 Whitman Dr.
Bethesda, Md 20817.

Checks should be made payable to "DC Maxecuters". Postal Money orders should be made payable to "Stewart Meyers" (our post office is a bit snarky about this). You can now subscribe on-line via Pay Pal.

We've decided to shift subscription to the MaxFax to an ANNUAL timetable, beginning January 1, 2017. Payment of your dues on or around that time will set you up for all of 2017. Transitions like this are awkward, we're short on highly trained logisticians, and we don't want to complicate your lives. Here's how we will handle it: If your currentmembership expires at ANY POINT in 2017, we will consider you paid up for 2017. Yeah, that's a good deal! We will however gently encourage those of you who have expiration dates that fall within the first few months of the year to consider doing the right thing, and paying up for the full 2017 year. Similarly, if your expiration date falls midway through the year, and you want to cut us a check for $13 (half the annual dues) then we would appreciate it. And so on. By the time we get to 2018, lord willing and the creeks don't rise, we'll all be on the same page.
You can use PayPal for Half year to do this.

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Back issues are $3.50 each. However, we only have 2008 to 2017 issues. Contact Stew for more details.

We welcome submissions of plans, pictures, three views, and articles. Let us know if you have a nifty building tip. Also let us know what you like to see. We try to keep focused on free flight, but will occasionally have some back yard R/C.