A Tribute To Dave Rees

More Photo will be added in subsequent pages

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Photo from Dave's Service in Korea

images/8in 72dpi IMG_9901.jpg

One of Dave' musical instruments.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_9899.jpg

Dave's Harpsichord.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_9898.jpg

Dave's Clarinet.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_9897.jpg

Photo of Dave at one of his favorite pastimes.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_9888.jpg

A T-28 Model from a few years ago helped by photos Stew sent Dave
of the ones he flew at Pensacola.
It was displayed as an example of Dave's models since it was in the best condition.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_9885.jpg

First Installment From Colllected Photos Of Dave.

Photo from Bob Clemens at the 1994 Nats.

images/Rees launches Storch 94 Bob Clens 72dpi 8in .jpg

Photo from Lindsey Smith at Geneseo
"Here ia a shot of Dave launching his twin EDF powered Avro CF100 at Geneseo 1994, a pretty rare beast in those days. It got away OK, but then the wind got it and it piled in breaking a wing. I think only Don and Doug Mc Hard over here were experimenting with EDF at that time. Dave was a great innovator. "

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Photo of Marie and Dave at Kudzu Contest.

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Dave with his electric powered B-36.

images/Dave b-36 8in 72dpi 48930_21.jpg

images/10 DaveReesLaunching B_W 72dpi 8in.jpg

Dave at Muncie.

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