A Tribute To Dave Rees Second Page Of Photos. Dave'S Friends Have Contributed Photos And Remembrances.

This set of photos from David Franks.

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It was always a treat to see and talk with Earl Stahl.

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Dave's lightweight stick floating on the lake at Goldsboro.

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This Set Of Photos From David Franks. It Was Always A Treat To See And Talk With Earl Stahl. Dave'S Lightweight Stick Floating On The Lake At Goldsboro.

A note from Wally Farrell sent with these top two photos.

"Here are a couple of pics. Dave was a giant influence on me, and I believe I may have built more of his planes than anyone else (but him of course!). He had a great eye for picking out good subjects and his influence on design has been immense. He was a good friend to me, gave me great counsel and support for many years. I miss him already....

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At the lake next to Dave's home in Goldsboro the scene of many happy times.

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Apres-Kudzu Contest -- Marie and Dave enjoying the festivities.
Bill Sheppard at right.
Bill was a welcome visitor to the Kudzu Contests with fresh 'Honey' for all
and magnificent handcrafted machinist wooded tool chests for special prizes.

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Trophy awarded to Dave at a Kudzu contest.

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