May 5, 2012 Photos

From Pat At Shangri-La South, Bill Warner At Shangri-La West And Bruce Foster.

Pat'S Photos

images/8in 72dpi IMG_2554.jpg

Pat's planes--his Swiss Moth, GWS Zero, Velie Monocoupe, and his old Rascal (the yellow dog)

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images/8in 72dpi IMG_2507.jpg

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images/8in 72dpi IMG_2410.jpg images/8in 73dpi IMG_2435.jpg
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Dan Driscoll with his Junior Miss from Dec 1942 Flying Aces

images/8in 72dpi IMG_2333.jpg

Don's trainer below, and Don with the Hurst Bowers Standard "Waldo Pepper

images/8in 72dpi IMG_2297.jpg
images/8in 72dpi IMG_2305.jpg
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images/8in 72dpi IMG_2564.jpg

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"Dave Mitchell's new Mr Smoothie. Note the Gizmo Geezer front end."

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images/8in 72dpi IMG_2624.jpg

Stew and his Mini Telemaster.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_2653.jpg
images/8in 72dpi IMG_2660.jpg
images/8in 72dpi IMG_2670.jpg
Dave Mitchell with his Dehavilland Swallow.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_2671.jpg

Bill Warner'S Photos

images/8in 72dpi P47,Wogs,HLG 001.jpg

A note from Uncle Bill

"Wildflower season about over as summer approaches. We didn't have many April showers, but there are still a few May flowers. Hope similar conditions maintain in your neighborhood. Nice M/C weather! *sob*

The models attached have a story behind them. When I started teaching in Jr.High 52 years ago, I started a model airplane club: The Sepulveda Basa Butchers. I am still in touch with a few of the members after all these years! Last week, a young chap I have not seen in half a century called me up and wanted the plans for one of the old models I designed for the kids back then. He now has grandkids! Not having the foggiest where a plan would be, I made a couple this AM from memory. Called the Mini-Wog and Poly-Wog.( winsgspans about 10"- flew on one loop of 2mm rubber)) They flew pretty well for quickie models or 1/32" sheet balsa wings, and it you lost one up and out of sight in a thermal, big deal...easy to make another! Flights of over a minute may not seem like much to you, but to an 11 yr. old kid!"
images/8in 72dpi P47,Wogs,HLG 002.jpg images/8in 72dpi P47,Wogs,HLG 004.jpg

Bruce Foster'S Photos

images/8in 72dpi Beriev Be-4 014.jpg

A note from Bruce

"Beriev Be-4 Three bladed prop as only 2 inch radius. Delicate prop OK as there is plenty of Five mile an hour bumper.

Joe Barish is building a lot of indoor RC. He uses the European Delprom foam with a hard surface."

images/8in 72dpi Beriev Be-4 008.jpg
images/8in 72dpi joe barish feb 2012 010.jpg