May 20, 2012

John Bird'S Whimpy, John Hunton'S Painted W48, and Tom Hallman'S Pulqui Bones

John Bird'S Whimpy

A very happy John Bird.

Some notes from John Bird concerning his 'Whimpy' flight (in Australia).

"Julie and I have just returned for the local park.I have been waiting for a couple of weeks for calm weather andsunshine to make a 2nd test flight of OQ-2A "Wimpy" mico radio controlled version. We managed 15 mins of relatively calm weather and sunshine and the get the flights completed before a team of young girl soccer playersarrive to take of the field for practice.
Today's Julie and John's 48th wedding anniversary. We celebrated withan oncology appointment this morning and an infusion of chemo mid-day.Arrived home in time tocheck of the weather an put the OQ-2A "Wimpy"bits and pieces together and dash off to the park.
Thanks goodness for Julie's talent with the camera model aircraft inflight are very difficult to capture.
My OQ-2A 24" "Wimpy" is electric powered version. John Hunton'sOQ-2A 24" is a rubber powered version each is a first of their typeever to be built and flown (thanks to John Hunton plan creation andlong-history of model building skill). More outdoor trim and flight test will be required of mine to tame andslow it down enough to fly within the limited space available at ourIndoor Flying Venue.My colleague Nick Calvino has built an 18" span indoor free flightindoor model which we hope to test fly indoor next Monday.
Then Julie and I propose to go out an celebrate with a meal at the
local Thai restaurant."

John Hunton'S Painted W48

John Hunton's grandaughter Julie holding John's W48 OQ

"W48 has been painted and assembled. As you predicted photos were taken today as we have bad weather coming in for a few days. Mary pointed out that "WIMPY" was not on the fin. I quickly replied that this OQ had just come out of the factory and it has not gone to a unit yet. They will nickname it. Probably Wimpy. But maybe BIRDY. Yes, BIRDY. "

Tom Hallman'S Pulqui Bones

A note from Tom Hallman concerning his new Pulqui.

"Here's the latest on the 27" Pulqui. What you see weighs 25.5g, and yes,
she has a DT!
Bright red too ... sweet! Wing and tail already covered.

A color profile from the web.