Photos From Jiro Sugimoto, Glen Simpers and Tony Pavel

Jiro'S Latest - A Peanut Vagabond.

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"Subject: New bird "Piper Vagabond"

Dear Tom,

I send some photos of my latest model "Piper Vagabond".
Final weight 5.6grams is not so bad for indoor Peanut.


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Comment From Jiro "Subject: New Bird "Piper Vagabond" Dear Tom, I Send Some Photos Of My Latest Model "Piper Vagabond". Final Weight 5.6grams Is Not So Bad For Indoor Peanut. Jiro" Glen Simper'S Photos From A Visit To A Fac Contest In Amesbury Massachusetts On May 5, 2012



Attached are some photos from a Amesbury, MA FAC contest from 5/12. Mostly it was a wild and windy day and combat events featured long chases. The WW II mass launch featured a particularly eventful dog fight. Literally, an actual dog fight by two dogs over the once beautiful Hellcat by Clive Gamble. The dogs beat Clive to the model and once one dog grabbed it the other dog would not rest until it had some pieces as well. FAC models do not make good chew toys. Clive seemly took it well and said that at least he got the canopy back.

Glen Simpers
Maxecuter Foreign Correspondent "

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Photos And Notes From An Fac Dog Fight By Glen. "Tom, Attached Are Some Photos From A Amesbury, Ma Fac Contest From 5/12. Mostly It Was A Wild And Windy Day And Combat Events Featured Long Chases. The Ww Ii Mass Launch Featured A Particularly Eventful Dog Fight. Literally, An Actual Dog Fight By Two Dogs Over The Once Beautiful Hellcat By Clive Gamble. The Dogs Beat Clive To The Model And Once One Dog Grabbed It The Other Dog Would Not Rest Until It Had Some Pieces As Well. Fac Models Do Not Make Good Chew Toys. Clive Seemly Took It Well And Said That At Least He Got The Canopy Back. Glen Simpers Maxecuter Foreign Correspondent " A Note And Pic From Tony Pavel At The Indoor Fac Nats In Johnson City, Tennessee

Indoor Nats / USIC


Quick report from the AMA Indoor FF Nats / USIC. Steve Fujikawa and I rode down last Wednesday on a midnight run, pulling into Johnson City around 3:20 am. We had a blast, and as you can see from the pictures, it is an awesome site. In addition to having a great time, Steve finished 3rd in Pnut! So we have a nationally ranked indoor flyer in the club (I think we're well on the way to assimilating Brett Sanborn too, which would make us one of the dominant clubs in indoor - Brett won pretty much all the big events ;-) My planes did not fare so well - as usual I was building up until the night before and cutting rubber right before the events. Also attached are a pic of my F1M (monster - 9 in chord) and a short video of Steve launching his A6.

We should try to get more Maxecuters down there next year, the guys will have a great time. The drive is about the same as Raeford, and there are three days of FAC and indoor scale events for our guys to dominate. The Potomac Pursuit Squadron needs to invade Johnson City TN!



BTW - Some great coverage of the event can be found at the Nats News - which John Kagan wrote up every night after we finished flying at 10pm -"

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