Dave Rees Memorial Meet

June 2-3, 2012 - Photos by Roy Courtney from Raeford, NC

A note from Roy

"Hi Stew, great to see all you good fellows at Raeford last weekend, My friend Brian and wife Pam had a good first impression of what we do and he is all enthused to build. Attached are a few pix of the contest along with the shots with Marie Rees you requested. See you at Geneseo.

Roy Courtney"

images/8in 72dpi IMG_4708.jpg

Stew and Wally with Wally's Mr Mulligan

images/8in 72dpi IMG_4703.jpg

Wally, Claude and Dave Franks ready to Launch.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_4712.jpg

Looks like Don Srull's designed and Flyline kitted He 100.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_4721.jpg

Glen Simpers with his Howard.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_4746.jpg

Frank Rowsome seems a little tired of waiting for launch with his Me109.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_4725.jpg
Ollie Benton with nice Fairey Barracuda.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_4723.jpg

Claude carrying the remains of his racer.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_4735.jpg

Stew dinged his racer also.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_4738.jpg

Marie Rees enjoying the festivities.

images/8in 72dpi IMG_4706.jpg