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Photos From Capt. Pat July 14, 2012 and a few overlooked earlier pics. Getting ready for the FAC Nats. Captions by Pat "Not A Single Rc Plane Included!"

"Pat Daily (photos taken by Wally Farrell) with his Jimmy Allen Racer (parasol) in Navy markings. This plane is 10 years old and Uncle Patty finally got back to free flight in 100 degree heat!"

"Don and his Mureau and his 1911 Voison hydro plane"

" Dan and his Turbo Porter--a real contest winner!"

"Wally's new Douglas Devastator -- this should win WWII for sure"

" Wally and his new Jumbo Miles Falcon--a real beauty and destined to be the "heavy artillery" at the upcoming FAC Nats"

"Dave Franks flying his beautiful P-51 and his He 110--beautiful fliers!"

"Wally and his Lockheed Vega in Amelia's markings"

"Bob Marchese and his beautiful Miss Canada old-timer."

"Wally and his Bleriot XI "

"Wally's pretty Piper Vagabond."

"Dan's high flying Junior Miss."

"Wally and his Mig"

"Wally's French Arsenal with contra-rotating props. The real Arsenal had two engines crammed into the fuselage--must have been a real bitch for the ground crew!"