Birdy Flys -- Emu Does Not

July 2012 Continuing Saga of John Hunton'S OQ-2A Dennyplane Model. Photos and Captions from John and CAPT. Pat

Bill Hadden and I were about to fly the OQ-2A model. I handed a camera to my 14 year old grandson and said "Here, take some pictures". Well he took some photos OK, but one is an absolutely beautiful photo of a model airplane. Way to go Nic Hunton.
John H."

"Well, well, well, well, well, well, well. A lot learned and probably a lot more to be learned.
Realizing that the chute landings had to be repeatable events, chute test two was conducted last evening without photographers, videographers, bibliographers, etc. Just Birdy and Me.
The on-board video camera was studied up on to make sure it would work this time.
Birdy was placed on the field and the motor switch was turned on and unfortunately (one Auk for me) the TV switch was forgotten about. Full power was applied. The model took off like a scalded Dingo. Really. This little motor that was recommended by your friend is a powerhouse. Birdy climbed to 300 feet in short order.
Throttle was reduced to cruise then the chute switch was flipped. The drogue-less chute furled and filled with air beautifully. This was with the hatch slanted back at a steeper angle.
The model than assumed the familiar nose-down position. Figuring that a line was fouled again throttle and control movements were made with no change except to note that with the throttle advanced the chute furled even more and the descent slowed noticeably. Amazing.
Throttle was cut at about 10 feet and the model settled into deep grass unscathed.\
On picking up the model I let it dangle under the chute (which I had never done before, another Auk) and the model assumed the familiar nose-down position. Without the chute the CG had shifted to within 1/2 inch of the wing LE. Also noted was the fact that the shrouds were twisted.
Now that we have a seemingly reliable chute release Birdy will fly again with particular attention to the TV-on switch and untwisted shrouds.
Gotta run. John H. "

JULY 14, 2012


There was some flying at Shangri-La south this morning, mainy tuning up for the FAC Nats at Geneseo next week.

Photos attached are:

Pat: Launching his rubber model.

Don: And Dave Lacey looking for Don's treed model.

JH: John flying his Air Hogs "Blue Sky" photo/video plane. Also shows the line up at the field.

For John Bird and Tom:

Flew OQ-2A Birdy for Pat to take flight photos. No chuting since there was no tall grass to land the chuter into.Chutnig will be at Mike's in two weeks.


"It was a bit cloudy today, but I got some good pics. This one is John Huntons Birdy--the Reginald Denny target drone ( ); ( )
John didn't want to try the parachute today. His dummy motor is a real piece of work!