Birdy Flys And Chutes

July 28, 2012 Continuing Saga Of John Hunton'S Oq-2a Dennyplane Model Photos And Captions From John And Capt. Pat


"Some shots added from the Blue Sky airplane."

"A summary of the Birdy flights of today:

Flight 1. Took off without starting the camera in spite of the "turn on the frigging camera" note taped on the airplane, realized it and landed promptly and safely.

Flight 2: Turned on the on-board camera and took off again. From level cruise flight chute deployed fine but fouled in the tail and Birdy came down in the tall grass nose-down. Some ability to steer with the chute deployed. No damage.

Flight 3. Tried releasing the chute from a stall, same result. Tried many control and power settings with no joy.

Flight 4. Trap door opened fine but the chute did not release. Forgot to hook the release lanyard in the flight position.

Flight 5. Hooked the release lanyard up properly, released from a negative "G" position, same result. Found that with the chute trailing and full power the descent rate was very slow."