Fac Nats Photos

Photos and Captions from Dan Driscoll

WACO QDC – Dave Mitchell

Jet Catapult Mig-15 – Paul Grabski

Lockeed Orion – Dave Niedzielski

Lemberger – Paul Grabski

P-nut Me 109e – Jeff Runnells

P-nut KZ-III – Gene Smith

Douglas Skypirate – John Regalbuto

Gee Bee X – Bob Marchese

Devastator – Tom Nallen 2

Dallas Cornelius with his Tigercat

Wright Quadraplane – Tom Nallen 2

F. S. Gilbert with his Devastator

Wildcat – Mike Isermann

Albatros D-V – Doug Beardsworth

Falcon Special II – George Bredehoft

Tummelisa – Mike Escalante

Devastator – F. S. Gilbert

Jumbo Comte AC-4 – Pete Azure

Curtiss Model D – Tom Nallen 2

Mosquito – Vance Gilbert

. Dewoitine D.338 – Don DeLoach

Nielson & Winther Type A – Mike Isermann

P-nut Julia P-1077 – Dallas Cornelius

Jumbo Messerschmitt M.29 – Doug Beardsworth

Mike Stuart and his Portsmouth Aerocar

Jumbo Twin JN – Vance Gilbert

Cessna 310 – Chris Starleaf

Tom Hallman preparing his Jumbo Mig-Dis

Jumbo Argosy – Mike Stuart

Max Holste 1521 – John Kramer

Fernando Ramos and his Bristol M.1

Power Scale BF2-C – Doug Beardsworth

AT-6 - John Kramer

Jumbo P-61 – Pat Murray

Jumbo Gulfstream – Chris Starleaf

Power Farman 190 – Al Timko

Jet Catapult Skyray – Peter Kateris

Al Timko with his RM12

Bubba Mayo and Stew Meyers at the registration desk.

P-nut Vickers Supermarine 559 – Richard Zapf

Pulqui – Tom Hallman

Power Tiger Moth – Derek Knight

Goon – John Hutchison

Super Savage – Tom Arnold

CL215 – Richard Zapf

Macchi 202 – Dave Franks

Chris Boehm and Don Srull Judging Jumbo Scale.

Scale Judges Wally Farrell, Vance Gilbert, and Doug Beardsworth hard at work.

Volunteer Joyce White

Ryan ST – Kendrick Gosselin

SIPA S.11 – Luc Martin

Volunteers Elaine Welshans (“Mrs. Keeper of Kanones”), Wendy Shadeck,
Diane Courtney

Skypirate – John Regalbuto

Albatros D-III – Ronny Gosselin

Jumbo Twin JN – Vance Gilbert

TU-2 – Octavia Adlea

“Keeper of Kanones” Mike Welshans at the judging table

Mike Escalante and Pete Kaiteris judging.

Judges Glen Simpers and Vance Gilbert

P-nut judges Fran Ptaszkiewicz and Jeff Runnels

Jumbo Fokker FXX – Ronny Gosselin

Jumbo Judy – Dave Franks

Lippisch Stork – Vic Nippert

Albatros D-III - Ronny Gosselin

Breda BA.88 – Chris Starleaf

Don Deloach and his Dewoitine D.33

Jet Cat Canberra – Vic Nippert

Jet Cat Airacomet – Vic Nippert

Contest Director Dave Mitchell takes a break to get in some flying time.

Stew Meyers and Rick Pendrick handle the computer scoring.

Ralph Kuenz at the compliance check table.

Commander-in-Chief Ross Mayo surveys the activity.

Maxecuters with their 2012 FAC Nats hardware.

Wally Farrell:

High Wing Weenie Award (Piper Cub)
1st – Simplified Scale (Mig-3)
2nd – Pioneer Scale (Bleriot)
2nd – Modern Military (Mig-15)
2nd – Thompson Race (Mr. Mulligan)
3rd – Golden Age (DH-29)
3rd – Modern Civil (Piper Clipper)
3rd – FICTION Flyer (Booth Ranger)
3rd – Greve Race (Smoothie)
4th – Low Wing Mil. Trainer (Miles Magister)
5th – Jet Catapult (Lightning)

Don Srull:

1st – OT Rubber Fuselage (Bell)
1st – ½ Wakefield (Swedish Wake)
1st – Power Scale (Pterodactyl)
3rd – Pioneer Scale (Voisin)
3rd - OT Rubber Stick (Pusher)

Don DeLoach was Grand Champ Non-Scale

Frank Rowsome:

1st – Greve Race (Chambermaid)

Dan Driscoll:

1st – Modern Civil (Turbo Porter)
2nd – 2 Bit+1 OT Rubber (Jr. Commercial)
2nd – OT Rubber Fuselage (Jr. Miss)
3rd – Simplified Scale (Turbo Porter)