Fac Nats Photos

Photos and captions from Glen and Bonnie Simpers

Ray Rakow and Glen Simpers look over Don Srull’s Voisin.

Swedish Tummelisa by Mike Escalante.

Dan Driscoll’s Turbo Porter.

Bob Marchese’s GBX.

Glen Simpers increases his frustration level with a Martin RB-57D jet catapult. One of many ways to turn big pieces of balsa into small broken pieces.

Don Srull with his grandson, Alex and Westland Pterodactyl.

Dave Mitchell’s DeHavilland DH 108 flying wing .

Glen Simpers gives a Bleriot pioneer a closer look.


Modern military mass launch.

Ray Rakow and Paul Boyanowski enjoy a cigar during the mass launch.

Wally Farrell and his Miles Magister military trainer.

Mike Escalante and Peter Kaiteris judging power scale.

Mike Escalante and Karin prepare his He-100 for WW II mass launch.

Ki-61 by Cornellius Dallas.

Jim Coffin tries out his electric.

A lineup of power scale models.

Waterman Aerobile and Airco DH-2 by Tom Hallman.

A Blohm und Voss Project 208.03 by Martyn Richley in power scale.

Mike Escalante with his Jack Rabbit racer.

Wally Farrell flies his Jumbo Miles Sparrowhawk.

Dave Mitchell's Piper Vagabond.

Glen Simpers and his Vega dime scale.

The Jimmy Allen model of Bruce Clark.

Mike Escalante and Vance Gilbert take a close look at Octavian Alden’s Tu-2.

Bruce Clark assists Jim Detar with his Grumman Guardian.

Mike’s Flying Aces Moth in unique camouflage.
It would just become invisible in a fabric store.

Mike Escalante’s Born Loser embryo.
I think that Erika had some influence on the color scheme .

Wally Farrell’s Mr. Mulligan.

Glen Simpers and his Vega dime scale.

Roland D-II by Rich Weber.

T he CD Dave Mitchell gets to fly his Zero during the Midway event.

Timer -- ready to launch???

Glen Simpers’ Howard.

Bob Marchese flies his Miss Canada.

WW I mass launch.

Doug Griggs keeps the models flowing to the judges.

Vance pointing out details to Glen while judging.

Wally Farrell Staggerwing - Mike Escalante and Peter Kaiteris judging.

ANDY SEPHTON from the UK holding Derek Knight's Hawker Hunter.

Pat Murray’s Fokker D- VII. There were three models with this same color scheme.

Martin Richey's Blom and Voss P212.03 - finished second behind Don.

Doug Beardsworth Curtiss BF2C1.

Dh2 is Tom Hallman's - Third in power scale.

Dave Mitchell practicing for his part in the upcoming ballet performance of “Modern Military Flyers” with his DeHavilland DH-108. Mere mortals who fly combine the launch motion with the airplane in the same hand, but not Dave.

Mike Escalante with Cessna CR3 in Thompson Race.