The Maxecuter Photos From West And East Coast By Bill Hannan And Capt Pat August 2012

"We continue to enjoy your great photo forwardings! The variety of subjects and quality of craftsmanship is truly amazing... This past Saturday, Joan and I again participated in the annual simultaneous-launch tribute to Charles Hampson Grant's "Cloud Tramp" 1940s design.

We're spoiled because the target time in California is 9AM, by contrast with people in "down under" countries, who may be flying by the light of car headlights or flashlights, and, in the U.K., sometimes in wind and rain...

We proxy-flew our son's full-size "Tramp," because he was off in Arizona becoming a grandfather. Our faithful little Peanut-size "Tramp," now in about its tenth year, continues to perform without needing any adjustments whatsoever.

Because the small school athletic-field is surrounded by fences and tall trees, we use only limited rubber-motor power, but duration is not the goal anyhow, merely the satisfaction of knowing other enthusiasts are sharing in the fun!

All best wishes,
Bill and Joan Hannan"

A note from Pat concerning photos from Remington 8/12/2012

"Some pics of Wally and his new P-30--a beautiful model and superb flier, Pat's Curtiss F6C-3 Navy Hawk, Pat's Swiss float moth, Stew's Keith Rider Firecracker, and a visitor in an ultralite and two PT-17s. Great day and nice thermals and good friends."

A note from Capt Pat regarding the Remington flying 8/25-26 2012.

"Here are some pics of Dan and his Casano Stick and Stew with his new Albatros D-I"

Capt Pat's notes

"These are Stew and his Firecracker racer, Don Srull's Chipmunk and Ralph Smalley test gliding his new P-51"

Capt Pat's notes

"These are Wally and his new J-5 Piper Cub and Dave Mitchell with his De Havilland Swallow."

Note from Capt. Pat.

"These are Dave and Stew and their Zero P-nuts."