YMCA Invention Convention 7/26/2012

Demonstrations By Maxecuters - Photos From Glen and Bonnie Simpers.

Some notes from Glen.

"Photos from the Maxecuter flying at the YMCA Invention Convention on 7/26 where this year's theme was "The Sky's the Lisit". They expected 4,000 kids. Because we were flying over their heads I think that most of the attendees saw airplanes flying. Some roughness on the fragile models but that is what hot stuff is for."

"With a theme of “The Sky’s the Limit” the YMCA just had to have airplanes flying during their annual Thingamajig Invention Convention. The DC Maxecuters flew throughout the day to the delight of 4,000 kids at The Showplace Arena, an large indoor venue, often used for horse shows, high school graduations, and concerts. Despite the many encounters with the kids, other booths, and the nearby jump rope demonstrations; the team usually managed to keep an airplane in the air most times. It was a very hot day outside so the air conditioning was going full blast leading to many interesting flights. The kids delighted to the unpredictability of some of the flights. We had a close encounter with a double-dutch jump rope, but the model prevailed when the rope twirler lost her concentration. Another occasion had an A-6 landing in the sea of seated kids in the bleachers. I couldn’t see what happened to the model after the “catch-the-fly-ball” scramble, but when the dust settled the model could be repaired with a triple dose of Ambroid. Doug Griggs tirelessly explained how the models were built and flown (when he wasn’t flying his rubber-powered helicopter); Mike and Erika Escalante and delighted the crowd with Phantom Flash feats (and tireless chasing); while Stew Meyers and Randy Kleinert flew electric RC. Dudley Prisel was “the enforcer” defending the Jack Gore models we had on display from the ever probing hands of the kids."

Stew Meyers, Dudley Prisel, Doug Griggs, Randy Kleinert holding off the questioning kids.

Mike Escalante and Erika Escalante did a lot of the flying and most of the chasing. As expected hot stuff was required.

The static display featured the rubber models of the late Jack Gore.

Note the 'Miss Worlds Fair'.

More notes from Glen.

"While the music blared…
kids shouting YMCA….
and crowds milled about….
two girls and a jumper showing off jump-rope tricks…
a model silently approaches an unsuspecting twirler’s ear.
coming in at head level
A startled cry, a missed beat, rope tangled feet;
And the model serenely motors on."

"(On the occasion of the indoor flying demonstration at the 18th YMCA Invention Convention – where rubber-model flying amazed many of the 4,000 kids in attendance. Flying visibly; Flying frequently; Answering everyone questions; and above all having fun.) "