September 1, 2012

Photos At Remington / Airdale By Capt Pat with his captions.

Eight AM at Remington.

Don's Short Brothers biplane--electric free flight.

Wally and his beautiful Miles Falcon--great flying plane.

Time out for a kibitz.

Pat with his Pacific Ace.

Stew and his Albatros D-I and his Miles Mohawk--really nice planes.

David Franks and his good looking Heinkle.

Don's Red Star and his Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat--lovely airplanes!

These are photos of Dan and his 1941 Smith stick--an superb model that will fly away some day! This was a brand new model for Dan and if is an awesome flyer.

John Hunton and the Birdy doing a parachute descent and John's big Halifax.

Dave Mitchell and his super nice Mr Smoothie.

Al Holmes pretty little DH Mosquito.

Paul and his glider.

These are photos of Bill Hadden' Grumman F9F Panther (all blue) and Tom Woodburn's F9F in blue and yellow--very fast planes and hard to photograph, but I did catch them both a couple of times.

Please note Bill Hadden's note below. I forgot to mention that the all blue F9F Panther did carry Armstrong's name as it was when he flew of the Essex. Neil Armstrong was a hero of the world and I should have remembered. Bye the way, if you haven't read the Bridges of Toko Ri by James Mitchener, you really should! The movie was great, but the book was a must read!

One more thing: I'd had the idea of decorating the Panther like Neil Armstrong's airplane since I got it. I'd read a bit about his experiences in First Man, his only authorized biography (recommended). Ensign Armstrong flew with VF51 off the USS Essex in 1951 & 1952. There just wasn't much documentation on his plane to be found, though. After his passing I noticed that new info had come up on the web about his plane and markings on the internet. So I made a quick set of decals, 14 in all, for this past AirDale meet. I got to meet the man briefly once, and there are few who more clearly represent what makes all of us proud to be Americans.
If you pass these Panther pictures on, I'd like you to mention Neil.

That's all folks!!