September 2012

The Latest Plastic Models From Bob Schlosberg. Some motes by bob -- he was dissatisfied with the quality of hts photography but we want to show his work which is great.

1/32 Scale F6F Hellcat

1/32 Scale Hawker Sea Fury

1/48 Scale Fairchild A-10 2-Seater Nice Model -- Big.

1/48 Scale Dehavilland DH-FAW-2 Sea Vixen -- this is a nice model.

1/32 Scale F4F3 Wildcat - kit quality was a little disappointing.

1/48 Noordyn Norseman UC-64A

1/48 Scale TA-7C Corsair 2-seat Navy Version.

F3H-2 McDonnell Demon - Bob did not like his photo because of the lack of depth of field
but the F3H is one of my favorite aircraft for several reasons.

1/48 Scale F-14A -- Huge Model.

1/72 Scale FA-18E Super Hornet -- a neat model.`