December 2012

More Remembrance Of Earl Stahl, His Models And Their Builders.

EARL enjoyed attending many FAC contests and chatting with the other attendees; here seen with Fernando Ramos at Geneseo.

This photo and accompanying note from a friend in Canada --

"hello Tom very saddened to hear of Earls passing. truly a distinguished gentleman it was an honor to have known him however briefly. dont have a scanner at home but tomorrow my son hugh will send u a picture from 90 or92 i think. i call it when the master speaks everyone listens. also i am in mourning for my nearby flying fields. it is the site of soon to be town houses all together with little privacy. my description is overpriced ghetto. hope this finds u doing well. share the picture aas u see fit. Granville"

We invite other modelers to send photos of their Earl Stahl models with or without themselves. (
We will try to put up another page as energy and time permits.

Photo from Lindsey Smith with a note --

"Hi Tom, Just to let you know I am still around! We have had a superb fall, which is just coming to an end in rain and wind. After three glorious days on Wallop airfiield at the end of August for the SAM1066 Champs, we then had another day of no wind and warm sun on 14 August, followed by an indoor meet at Impington, the former haunt of Ray Malmstrom, on 21st. I had to do some CDing at Wallop so did not compete, but had a lot of fun at both meets. these shots show the Stahl high wing flyoff , me cd ing"

Wally with his WACO from Earl's plan.

Bob McLellon with his model from Earl's SKUA plan, a favorite of mine.

A Photo and Note from Karl Gies --

"My Earl Stahl Gypsy in the stooge waiting impatiently last summer at my local flying site, 2000 acres w/one tree :"

The last photo and note from Nate Sturman in Japan before his untimely demise --

I promised better photos and here they latest.
24" downsized (3/4) Earl Stahl Stinson 108-3, and my trusty 20" Scientific Fairchild 22.
Thanks for all the good stuff, too!
I'm holding my own, but this illness is no fun.
Stay well!

This photos and all the remainder from Bob Schlosberg --
this is from Earl's Stinson 108 (FLYLINE) plan

Hurricane from Earl's Plan.

Fom Earl's Skyfarer plan enlarged (another favorite of mine).

Earl's "Weight Rule Contest Model MAN 6/38"

From Earl's Interstate Cadet Plan.

From Earl's 's PT-19 Plan, AT 12/40