January 2013

Many Thanks For The Additional Photos Of Earl'S Models Submitted By Our Readers.

"Tom: Since you asked, here's a photo of a few Pensacola Free Flight Team guys who entered a one-design Stahl Hi-Climber contest on 1 December 2012 for cash prizes. The names are L-R: Jack Coyle, Jerry Klingaman (2nd place), Paul Grabski (1st place), West Conners (age 9), Dan Gee, Ken Achee and George White (3rd place). Only two of these models had ever been flown before, but they all flew well — a testament to the design.
George White"

"Hi From PFFT,
This is the Earl Stahl H-Climber I built for last Saturday’s “one-design” contest at Site 8, Pensacola. I believe George White sent you the group shot taken just before the event’s first flight. I was second behind Paul Grabski; George was third. Seven birds competed. Great fun. We are so lucky to have the rich legacy left to us by Earl Stahl.
Jerry Klingaman
AMA 34040

Jack Moses kindly loaned us some of his photo collection from several FAC contests to copy for this page.

Photo below with Ralph Kuenz.

Photo to right with Jack's camouflaged Mustang. Jack likes large models and enlarges several of Earl's designs that you see on this page.

Jack and Don examining Jack's model of Earl's enlarged Skua.

Jack with his version of Earl's MIG.

Earl holding Jack's P40 enlarged from Earl's plan.

A note and photo from David Franks.

"Once while visiting Bob McLellon and Jane . I doubt if you can use it but I'm sending it anyway. I saw some plans of Earl's Waco that were jumbo size. He was kind enough to give them to me and I built one of the most satisfying planes ever. Here is the pix . I doubt is you can use it, but I'm sending it anyway. Photo by Tom Hallman "

"Hi Tom, Here are some more Stahl pics. The first is the shot he sent me of his work in progress sometime in 2003. the other two are of my Navion built in 98. I am not sure what his model is, but it looks a bit French. Perhaps someone can tell us if it got finished. I do not think it was published. He told me in one of his last letters that he could not get his fingers to cope with covering with tissue. Regards Lindsey"

Earl's unfinished Model photo from Lindsey Smith??

This appears to be a model from Hurst's L'Oiseau Canari Plans published in MAXFAX??

"Hi Tom, Here is another Stahl design to add to your gallery. It is the Piper Pawnee Brave, the last of his published designs, I think,Model Aviation Jan 97. I know he was working on at least one other design, he sent me a photo of the framework, I think it may have been a French aircraft, does anyone know? Regards Lindsey"