January 2013 - A Brief Photographic Saga of the Southern Cross

From To The Southern Hemisphere (Australia) To The Northern Hemisphere (Rixeyville, Virginia) And Return (Many Virtual Trips).

John Hunton with his two models of the "Southern Cross".

A note from Capt. Pat Daily concerning his photo.

"These are photos in heavy fog of the 2 models of the Southern Cross that John Hunton built. The little one is a foam job with two tiny motors and is controlled in turns by varying motor speed on each side or together for a climb. Cute little guy! The large one is John's 48 inch version weighing in at 30 ounces ready to fly--quite light for that sized airplane and powered by 3 out runners. The fog made it difficult to get clear photos (the fog interferes with the autofocus function of my Canon sometimes) with light for the details. John accomplished a real tour de force with these builds. I will post them on regroups too."

Capt Pat. Daily -- Phototographer Extraordinaire

Prof. John Bird
, a prime instigator of John Hunton's models (Birdy/Whimpy/Southern Cross), seen here on the left in Australia at Monash University in earlier days.

The flow of informaton (and good-natured prodding by John Bird) began with a resurgence (flurry) of information and model construction of "Whimpy/Birdy" but that is another story.
Follow this link to see more of
John Bird with his "Whimpy".


John Hunton's artcle concerning Denny's Radioplane Target Drones
Published in the April 2012 issue of "RC Micro World"starting on
page 15.
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Much background material on John's Southern Cross building and the flights history may be found on Capt. Pat Daily's posts to the rc groups web page --


Prof. John Bird has actively pursued the history of the two American crew members and is searching for more information concerning their roles in the success of the flight.
These gentlemen were the Radio Operator, James Warner and the
Navigator, Harry Lyon.

In particular an interesting reference is in the following link concerning the Southern Cross American crew members under auction item (81) --


Southern Cross Commemorative Postage Stamp

The "Southern Cross" aircraft inside the Kingsford Smith Memorial museum at the
Brisbane Airport in Queensland, Australia

Also check the following link for more history --


John Hunton's construction plan and laser cutting templates .

The models of the three Wright J-5 radial engines were labors of love.

Outboard radial engine mountings.

A note from John ---

"The motors are B2208/14 1450KV from RCHOTDEALS, $16 for each combo motor and controller."

Ready to assemble.

Assembly check prior to covering and painting.

Motor control testing in progress.

Covered. painted and assembled.

Hurst over John's workbench giving the Southern cross an approval eye.

Indoor Southern Cross model wing construction.

Indoor foam Southern Cross model ready to go.
See Capt. Pat's comments above with first photo of both models.