February 2013 - Earl Stahl Models and Modelers at the JV44 School of Freeflight in Uruguay.

A selection of photographs from Marcelo Pricoli

Marcelo runs a school of free flight in Uruguay, where the students are very active building Several of Earl's designs. He also uses model aviation to teach his "cubs" WWII history, weather, maths, and geometry. Some of his students have gone on to study aeronautical engineering and train as pilots.

In 2007 the economy was down and he was afraid he would have to close the school, but folks from the Hip Pocket Aeronautics forum gave him a hand and he has been able to keep the dream alive. There's a nice long thread at HPA where you can catch up with Marcelo and his students.

"in this commercial world invaded by depron and ready to fly models, ... we build and fly ff scale!!" - Marcelo Pricoli